Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Beginnings...

My sweetness longs for You
She waits impatient and aroused
Pulling her up inside me I feel the warm honey of Her Essence
Beloved Shakti
Exploding with joy and celebration
Passion’s breath moving
                                             All Love
                                                  All Love
                                                        All Love
Sun  crowns head to heart
Feet soaked in liquid golden mercury
Rising  through my legs
I am the golden snake
I am the Beloved
                               All Love 
                                   All Love  
                                        All Love

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Original Sexual Self

'Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?'

    From The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

Where is our original sensual sexual wild child? The one that laughs and cries without remorse or thought of consequence? The one that is unafraid of those sexy erotic feelings that rise up finding it all so curious, who hasn't learned to condemn.  Where has he or she gone and why did they disappear?  Most live in exile, imprisoned, with some, sadly, acting out violently in rebellion.  It's true, you will be punished if you let him/her out all the time. Society demands a game be played, but can you see the game and drop the pretense to become real again?  Consider the price of keeping the masks.   What will happen if you expose your authentic vulnerable and wild natural self? 

I pray you find a safe haven for this essential part of you even if only in your alone time.  Much of the 'so called' perverse sexual appetites come from the suppression of our wild sexual natures.  Some is born from our amazing creativity but I believe that much of the dark exploitive sex comes from the loss of our natural innocent sensual sexual selves.

So consider taking a dip.  Stick your toe into being natural, unleashed, vulnerable.  You can go back to hiding.  I've done this off and on for years.  Oddly, at some point, a kind of vulnerability starts to feel at home, safe.  It seems it would be the opposite or an oxymoron but it's true for me.  You learn where the boundaries are and when and where to let your true nature flow. Yes, I do still fear being "tarred and feathered", the ugly rejection.  But instead I keep finding more love, more embrace and more joy.  I've allowed myself to fully live instead of just exist.  What a ride!  I'd be lying if I told you it was all fun and easy.  That would be a whooper of a lie!  I can tell you it's all been worth it.  Even in the dark times I felt real, authentic.  The more I choose to be real, the more it becomes just who I am.  What about you?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I've noticed that some of my desires for success in the world as a teacher and 'healer' have begun to feel heavy....like a burden. When Matt Kahn told me to drop my spiritual ego and get a job that has nothing to do with my spiritual path I felt a great sense of relief. I had no idea that my own desire for success created the weight I was feeling until I let it go. Wow! I still love teaching and sharing this loving journey but my own desire to be a well know or world teacher and have success through that work became a burden. So I let it go! I continue to follow my heart and offer what is right and timely for me to offer but I let go of my 'big plan'. I remember the wisdom of this quote: 'How do you make God laugh? You tell Her your plans!' LOL! Has anyone else experienced this? Also...still looking for the right job...part time preferably. Sending blessings to you as I continue this amazing journey! I love you!!!