Thursday, November 9, 2023

November 2023 Newsletter


Happy November, Beloveds!

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I hope you all are enjoying these beautiful Fall days! The morning sun is beautiful coming in my front windows today. I've actually been up early recently to enjoy the morning light streaming in. So not my usual thing! Maybe I'll suddenly become a morning person. Unlikely but maybe. I do get more sunlight in if I get up early this time of year. That's a plus.

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I'm delighted to report that the ceiling damage in the basement is repaired along with the floor in the kitchen from my dishwasher leak. Yeah! Stan Hearn did a great job for a good price. I'll be starting up in-person classes again in December. I do love teaching here and am grateful to have this comfortable space. Curiously the Fall weather has had me thinking of selling. We shall see what the future holds. I do love to renovate houses. Maybe I got the bug during my repair project. In my first house I lived in one bedroom room while the rest of the house was in total chaos while I slowly renovated it. The only way to flush the toilet was to pour a bucket of water down it. Those were the days. But seriously, I'm not up for that level of challenge anymore!

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My book cover mockup

I'm delighted that my editor is making progress on my book. I'd love to have it on Amazon by early next year. We shall see. It still is odd not having that project as the daily center of my life. Last month I was squirrelly without it. Happily that has passed.

Here's another snippet from my book under the section titled Stumbling Forward:

"On a Mission

February was a time of integration back into my day-to-day life. I watched many of my old patterns of fear and desire for more of whatever (fill in the blank) re-emerge. As I have read over my many journals, I am both amused and frustrated at the cycles of bliss and doom that rolled through me. I did have better and better ways of dealing with those patterns but they still took me for a ride all too often. I had the delight in March 2008 of visiting with my teacher/friend Saryu Dalal. She told me she could see the transformation and joy in me. "You're not looking for someone to heal or fix you like before. You just are, take it or leave it! You are radiating joy!" she said. I wrote this after her quote in my journal:

The 10,000 idiots that I want to believe have left town or died, they are still here...just not in as much control...and some actually have left town or died.

Or so I hoped. I had just read 10,000 Idiots by Hafiz:

“It is always a danger
to aspirants on the Path
When they begin to believe and act
As if the ten thousand idiots
Who so long ruled and lived inside
Have all packed their bags
And skipped town

I continue to be humbled when again and again those idiots inside make themselves known to this day!"

And of course, I still am.

All Love Brazil with Patrick

Upcoming Classes

I hope you can join us this Thursday, November 16th for another All Love Zoom from 8pm to 10pm. Dive in and open your heart to feel the love that you are!
The fee is $20, and you can use Zelle via my phone number 410-598-1010 (shows my name as Sharon) or PayPal via Email me for the link.

There will be no All Love in-person class this month but I will have one December 16th. The December All Love Zoom will be on December 21st. It's usually the third Thursday of each month. Would love to see you and share our hearts energy online or in person!

Now is where Love breaths Rumi

In Closing

I always love to hear from you to find out how your life is going and/or hear any reaction to what I have shared with you. Do drop me an email and share about your sweet life.

I hold you in my heart sending you love, healing prayers and peace. May you and your loved ones be deeply blessed.

Love and Many Sweet Blessing,

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