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Happy Valentine's Day, Beloveds!

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I was gifted today with a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers for a belated Birthday and Valentine's Day. Thank you Beloved Elise! What a sweet surprise! I needed the delight and brightening of my home after a not so sweet surprise. On Saturday, February 3rd, I woke up to my heat not working. I called a big company thinking they could fix it quickly. Nope. It was dead. Apparently it was over 20 years old and it had exceeded its lifetime. They wanted $14,000 to install and new HVAC on Monday. Luckily my dear friend Loren Duffey (If you need a great Realtor call him at 443-794-6140!) referred me to a good reliable guy. $7,900 later I have a new HVAC unit. Luckily I had room on a credit card but I'm not looking forward to the larger payments. I'm looking for a housemate again to help cover the expense. If you know anyone who you think might be a good fit please let me know. Give them my email and phone number and have them call me. Best times are between 11am and 7pm. (sherrytuegel@verizon.net or 410-598-1010)
Here is the link with all the info on Craigslist: baltimore.craigslist.org/roo/d/pikesville-share-my-beautiful-home/7716367174.html.

I spent a lot of time in overwhelm and fear since February 3rd. It has been quite the tailspin but I'm finally settling down as I make plans to manage the increased debt. Thomas Mooneagle, my dear gifted Shamanic and Matrix Energetics + friend did a healing for me. One image he got was me being the ball in a pinball machine bouncing off of all those flippers and such. His work really helped me shift from the fear. Other friends have been praying and sending Reiki. I feel very well loved and cared for! What an experience! I'm praying all will fall into place and I will have a wonderful housemate here soon and a manageable debt load!

Things have been slow with clients which has added to my concern so I'm offering a $20 discount on all my sessions through March to inspire some interest. If you decide to come in, please mention this newsletter offer to get the discount. If you care to send donations my way you may send them to PayPal with the above email or use Zelle with the above phone number. It feels odd to be asking for donations but I could really use the support if you have a little to give.

So that's my story right now. I love Pema Chodron's book Comfortable with Uncertainty. I can tell you I have not been comfortable. Humbled and chagrinned once again! Have I mentioned my middle name is Chagrin? I mentioned it in my upcoming memoir. The book is still in editing. I hope to be able to get it out soon. Fingers crossed!

Upcoming Classes

I would love for you to join me on Thursday, February 15th for another heart opening All Love Zoom. We begin at 8pm and end at 10pm EST. The fee is $20 and you can send me payment through Zelle with my phone number 410-598-1010 (preferred) or through PayPal at sherrytuegel@verison.net. Email me for the link. The March All Love Zoom will be on March 21st at the same times. Come dive in to the Love!

Rumi return to the root

In Closing

I love Rumi's wisdom. As I struggled with my fear and overwhelm I worked to remember my "root". The animal I am went into full alert fight or flight mode swinging between the two so quickly it made my head spin. I was actually trembling in fear off and on for a few days. My mind was in overdrive trying to figure a way out of my situation. It was indeed humbling! As I come back to my 'root' I am lifted up with Love. A calm inner Self reappears after being 'upregulated' as my dear friend Kathy says. Prayers and love are welcome as I continue on this new journey. I hold the frightened and uncertain part of me to my heart and tell her I love her and that it will be okay. That has been soothing along with the love from each of you over the years! As my friend June has taught me, 'It's an adventure!' Onward and upward! Sending love and gratitude to you all!

Many Sweet Blessings,

Sherry Tuegel

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