Monday, June 30, 2014

What a whirlwind of activity recently.  So delighted to have my lower level complete after the sump pump flood on April 30th.  It's been very quiet work wise and I realized that I had not published an add for June on Baltimore Backpage.  Oops!   The basement work made my schedule very sketchy anyway.  I've had the house off the market since 5/1/14 and will be re-listing it this week.  Patti Hawse and I christened the new basement rooms with her Shamanic Journey last Friday and my new class called The Colors of 'I Love You'-Navigating Relationship and Spirit.  6 of us attended and it was a very deep and sweet experience.  Here's the outline of the class:

We are born dependant and need others to care for us so we can survive. Our first bonding to the 'other' begins here. A kind of love is born mixed with dependence and need. Many of us (most?) seek this same kind of nurturing bond in our adult relationships. Can we separate love from need? Can we navigate the bonds we form with others in healthy awareness and grow into deeper intimacy, loving ourselves and the other? On the spiritual path many traditions look at intimate bonding as a stumbling block. Is it or is it the greatest opportunity we have to grow into deeper love and awakening? Let's gather together and share our experience of love, relationship and spirit. We'll look at the many definitions of love and then how each of those touch us personally. I'll offer the All Love meditation to open our hearts along with a safe Tantric exercise to deepen our experience. Come join us and see what unfolds. Together we may find a path to deeper love.

Check out the new look of the basement classroom!  Whoot!

The weekend before I was in Blacksburg, Virginia with Patrick Zeigler for his All Love 2 day class.  What a joy to see him again and dive back into such love!  I realized my love for him as a friend, teacher and healer is a big emotional trigger.  The class works to touch the depths of emotion to open the doors to the direct initiation that comes in.  I was surprised to find this trigger point that can easily sent me into deep sobs over fearing losing him.  He has a process where each of us experiences our own deaths and meets the one who greets us on the other side.  I have done this twice and it has both times been Patrick.  I told him he could not die before me!  He said 'no promises'.  Since it is good to find a path to the depths of my emotions I am grateful for this trigger.  If it needs healing it will come.  Here's a sweet picture from the Blacksburg weekend of the mischievous nature of my Beloved Friend Patrick!

I keep learning new things each time I attend a class.  I'll be offering an All Love Weekend here in Towson, MD on July 19th and 20th, 2014 from 10am to 6pm for $275.  Give me a call at 410-598-1010 or email me at if you'd like to attend.  Check my website at or for lots more info on All Love.

Tomorrow I'm heading to DC to get my first hug from Amma.  See about her amazing life and work. I've wanted to have this sweet connection for a long time and this appears to be the year!  Whoot!  More about that when I get back.

So my Beloveds, I hope you are unfolding in more and more joy each day.  It seems many of us are running through some big roller coasters of emotions and overwhelm.  Treat yourself gently as the summer offers you more opportunities to clear yourself out and be in nature.  Remember to stop and take some deep full breaths while you're outdoors in the lush green spaces!  Sending you my love!  More soon! 

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