Thursday, July 3, 2014

Amma silenced me.  One hug and the day was quiet and  Driving home from DC there was no tension as the traffic slowed.  I watched almost at a distance but more here and now than I have ever been...or so it seemed yesterday.  Today my monkey mind reappeared and chattered away at me.  My heart still feels velvety soft.  In my ear Amma said, "my daughter, my daughter my daughter."  I wept.  Missing you Mom!  It was so deep and so simple.  Her hug took away desire and gave peace.  I've often been a proponent of desire feeling a bit angry at practices that deny it or make it wrong.  It's clear now that desire is not full of peace.  That is neither wrong or right it just is.  The silence I lived yesterday was not full of desire...just peace.  What an amazing 'let go'.  More please! <3

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