Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This morning...

Thank you for this moment, Beloved...with the sounds of change breaking the morning quiet, a warm little (Spike) dog on my lap and the tinge of fear hiding deep in my belly.  I love you!  I love this one that smells the lavender brought back from Italy by my Beloved June.

Lavender, crashing sounds of construction, sweet chants to awaken by, the door open to the sun and slight breeze on this perfect late late summer, almost fall, day.  My hands tingle from carpal tunnel or shoulder issues as I write.

This moment is precious...fear and all.  I am more accepting of the changes.  They are, so why fight?  The crashing construction can be sacred drummers - the tingling numbness in my hands - kisses and sparks from God.  I am here now.  These things are mine to feel, see, hear.  Sweet Spike keeps me company as I muse.  Thanks you for this richness!
                                                                      September 16, 2014

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