Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Happy April Beloveds!

I'm enjoying sitting in my big gold recliner watching the clouds pass by in the bright blue sky with my gorgeous pink ornamental cherry tree dancing in the breeze outside. Inside I've filled my house with colorful Easter decorations echoing the Spring season. I do love surrounding myself in seasonal reminders and so enjoy these little comforts.

Being around my things that echo my past with family and friends brings me much comfort. That comfort got challenged by a session with Patrick Zeigler this past week. He told me I should sell everything and move to another country where I could live easily on $2000 a month. There are travel visas that I could use to check multiple countries and find the perfect place for me...maybe even beach front.

I loved the idea of being free from worry about money and possibly living beach front! I was crushed by the idea of giving up my familiar surroundings and living so far from my friends. Patrick felt I could be truly happy without the many burdens of my current lifestyle. He's right. I'm just hoping to manifest a way to be without the burden and keep or improve my current lifestyle.

I told Patrick that my home is my installation art. Letting it all go would be like throwing away my artwork. I also felt I would be losing part of my heritage but didn't mention that to him. On the flip side of this reaction, in 2008 when I returned from my retreat with Patrick in New Zealand, I walked into my home in Towson and felt aversion to all of my things. I felt the weight of it all and wanted all of it gone. I was very uncomfortable and prayed that I could enjoy my current surroundings as I let it all go. I soon started enjoying my things again and haven't wanted to let them go since then.

I guess I'm spirit caught in my material world. Part of me is free and part is very much attached to my familiar comforts. My session with Patrick opened my heart through the grief I felt as I imaged letting everything go. I am very grateful for the heart opening and also the possibility of another lifestyle. I plan to investigate Costa Rica soon. Who knows what the future holds. My baseline remains loving myself and others as best I can however my life evolves.

Sekhem All Love Vienna August 2024
love is who you are

Upcoming Classes

I hope you'll join us in August for another heart opening experience with Patrick Zeigler! You will thank me as many have! See above for all the info and contact Karuna to register. Do let Karuna know you heard about it from me! Thanks! You can also get in touch with me to learn more too.

I'm offering another All Love Zoom on this coming Thursday, April 18th from 8pm to 10pm. The fee is $20 and you can pay through PayPal with my email or Zelle (preferred) with my phone number 410-598-1010. BTW, Zelle shows my name as Sharon Tuegel. Email me for the Zoom link at

Tulip with Mouse

In Closing

The recent solar eclipse was amazing to experience! I think that the heavens do effect us. I heard that many people have felt exhaustion and overwhelm recently, maybe due to the eclipse and planet alignments. True or false, I know I felt exhausted and emotionally low of late. Happily today it has lifted. I try to accept and invite the emotional visitors in, as Rumi encourages...or I hide and sleep a lot.

Here is Rumi's The Guest House:

This being human is a guesthouse.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

~ o ~

I have learned a lot from all the visitors, sometimes begrudgingly. I try to not beat myself up for being the flawed human I am and remember my mantra: 'I love you, Sherry. I love you no matter what you say, no matter what you do. I love you, I have always loved you and I will always love you!'

Be gentle with yourselves, Beloveds, and enjoy the beautiful Spring. Please reach out to me if you need support through any overwhelm or just reach out to share what you've been up to recently. I love hearing from you! May we all thrive and share the love we came here for!

Love and Sweet Blessings,

Sherry Tuegel


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Happy March Beloveds!

spring blossoms 2

I've been delighting in the warm beautiful weather and the early blossoms on the trees and bushes. Spring Equinox is in a few days and I'm looking forward to the lush landscape Spring offers. I’m happy to report that I’ve finally recovered from the shock of replacing my HVAC unit with the support of many prayers, much love and gifts of generosity from friends and family. Thank you, my Beloved Ones! The love I felt flowing to me was palpable! It still is!

February into March was a challenge for me. I was humbled by my lack of equanimity. My cherished contentment took a hike leaving me with anxiety and fear about losing my precious comforts. Most or many of you know what a ‘comfort queen’ I am. The lessons continue to unfold and I’m happy to report that the fear and anxiety have disappeared. Part of me was quietly and lovingly observing my reactions while I was in freakout mode. I had a hard time accessing that quiet part but it is finally present and accessible now. Yes, my middle name is Chagrin. Wink. Wink.

I continue to look for new income streams and have happily found a new housemate who plans to move in next week. I believe he will be a delight to have in my home. I’m considering putting together some new Body Beloved and Healing classes that blend the many modalities I'm trained in. I'll let you know what develops. Your continuing loving prayers and support are welcome and appreciated deeply!

Lastly, I am very excited to report that I got my book back from my editor. Whoopie! Thank you, Beloved Dvora Konstant!!! Now to go over everything and get it back to her for the final edits before book design. Since money is short, I hope to figure out how to design the book myself and get it on Amazon. It is truly a joy to be working on the book again! Hoping to have it on Amazon before the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted!

1472928 661317413898708 26042623 n 2

Upcoming Class

This month I'm offering another heart opening All Love Zoom on Thursday, March 21st from 8pm to 10pm. The fee is $20 per person. You can pay me with Zelle (preferred) using my phone number: 410-598-1010 (shows Sharon Tuegel as my name) or PayPal using my email, Come dive into the love!

Gangaji photo

In Closing

Offering a wonderful quote from one of my favorite teachers, Gangaji. I have felt deeply supported recently as I've moved through my many distractions. I hope you are surrounded by love and support as you move through your precious life. Please do reach out to me if you are in need of love and support. We are here to give and receive in this Play of Light. As always, I love to hear how your life is unfolding. Call or email me and let me know how you're doing. Sending much love and many sweet blessings your way!
With Love & Joy Always,

Sherry Tuegel


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Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Happy Valentine's Day, Beloveds!

20240213 163815

I was gifted today with a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers for a belated Birthday and Valentine's Day. Thank you Beloved Elise! What a sweet surprise! I needed the delight and brightening of my home after a not so sweet surprise. On Saturday, February 3rd, I woke up to my heat not working. I called a big company thinking they could fix it quickly. Nope. It was dead. Apparently it was over 20 years old and it had exceeded its lifetime. They wanted $14,000 to install and new HVAC on Monday. Luckily my dear friend Loren Duffey (If you need a great Realtor call him at 443-794-6140!) referred me to a good reliable guy. $7,900 later I have a new HVAC unit. Luckily I had room on a credit card but I'm not looking forward to the larger payments. I'm looking for a housemate again to help cover the expense. If you know anyone who you think might be a good fit please let me know. Give them my email and phone number and have them call me. Best times are between 11am and 7pm. ( or 410-598-1010)
Here is the link with all the info on Craigslist:

I spent a lot of time in overwhelm and fear since February 3rd. It has been quite the tailspin but I'm finally settling down as I make plans to manage the increased debt. Thomas Mooneagle, my dear gifted Shamanic and Matrix Energetics + friend did a healing for me. One image he got was me being the ball in a pinball machine bouncing off of all those flippers and such. His work really helped me shift from the fear. Other friends have been praying and sending Reiki. I feel very well loved and cared for! What an experience! I'm praying all will fall into place and I will have a wonderful housemate here soon and a manageable debt load!

Things have been slow with clients which has added to my concern so I'm offering a $20 discount on all my sessions through March to inspire some interest. If you decide to come in, please mention this newsletter offer to get the discount. If you care to send donations my way you may send them to PayPal with the above email or use Zelle with the above phone number. It feels odd to be asking for donations but I could really use the support if you have a little to give.

So that's my story right now. I love Pema Chodron's book Comfortable with Uncertainty. I can tell you I have not been comfortable. Humbled and chagrinned once again! Have I mentioned my middle name is Chagrin? I mentioned it in my upcoming memoir. The book is still in editing. I hope to be able to get it out soon. Fingers crossed!

Upcoming Classes

I would love for you to join me on Thursday, February 15th for another heart opening All Love Zoom. We begin at 8pm and end at 10pm EST. The fee is $20 and you can send me payment through Zelle with my phone number 410-598-1010 (preferred) or through PayPal at Email me for the link. The March All Love Zoom will be on March 21st at the same times. Come dive in to the Love!

Rumi return to the root

In Closing

I love Rumi's wisdom. As I struggled with my fear and overwhelm I worked to remember my "root". The animal I am went into full alert fight or flight mode swinging between the two so quickly it made my head spin. I was actually trembling in fear off and on for a few days. My mind was in overdrive trying to figure a way out of my situation. It was indeed humbling! As I come back to my 'root' I am lifted up with Love. A calm inner Self reappears after being 'upregulated' as my dear friend Kathy says. Prayers and love are welcome as I continue on this new journey. I hold the frightened and uncertain part of me to my heart and tell her I love her and that it will be okay. That has been soothing along with the love from each of you over the years! As my friend June has taught me, 'It's an adventure!' Onward and upward! Sending love and gratitude to you all!

Many Sweet Blessings,

Sherry Tuegel

Saturday, January 20, 2024


Enjoy my January 2024 Newsletter, Beloveds!

Happy 2024 Beloveds!

20240119 165417

Hope you're enjoying the snow!
I am!
Happily, I get someone else to clean up my walk and driveway. I'm sitting here in my cozy warm house (see left) looking out at the snow through my lace curtains, surrounded by my remaining Christmas decorations as I type this to you. The tree had to go earlier for pick up and I was going to take the rest down today but the snow encouraged me to wait a little while longer. I'm pretending I'm still having a white Christmas.

On the first night after the snow I took the picture below. I have sweet memories of my Dad putting those big old fashioned colored outdoor lights on our bushes in Winchester. They weren't old fashioned then, of course. When the snow covered them they would glow beneath it, slowly melting a pocket around each light. I always try to capture my Christmas twinkle lights in the snow as a tribute to Dad. He was an amazing man and a gifted crafter. He once took a 4'X8' sheet of plywood, cut and painted it to look like a ribboned Christmas package that said "Merry Christmas from the Fraulas'. He put it in our yard with a spotlight on it to be sure it was viewable from Route 522 at night. (I try to use my best southern accent when I tell people I grew up on the corner of Apple Pie Ridge and Pughtown Pike (522).

January 2024 Snow with christmas lights

Upcoming Classes

As some of you may know, I canceled the January in-person class due to the increased illnesses in the area along with low enrollment. Johns Hopkins has reinstated using masks in all their facilities due to a jump in hospitalizations. Zooms are still on and we just had a beautiful heart opening All Love Zoom last night, the 18th. I plan to wait to put together another in-person class for a bit.

I decided to add something new to my All Love Zoom last night. With everyone's permission I offered a Matrix Energetics module for healing. It was well received and I will likely offer it again in the future. The February All Love Zoom will be on Thursday the 15th from 8pm to 10pm. I hope you can join me. Email me at for the link. The fee is $20 and paid with my phone number, 410-598-1010 on Zelle (preferred) or on PayPal using the above email. Stay well out there!

You can borrow my belief in you FB

In Closing

I've recently had some bouts of loneliness come up over the Holidays. After my Birthday on January 2nd I had my "the party's over syndrome" kick in. One friend aptly called it ennui. After living in a state of contentment for the last 5 months, this knocked me for a loop. I was disappointed in myself and felt a bit at a loss. My spiritual ego was very disappointed in me. Part of me is still living in that disappointment and fear. Luckily I pulled a card from Osho's Zen Tarot deck that gave me some guidance. It was called Success:
"Watch the waves in the ocean. The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows. Enjoy both - don't get addicted to one. Don't say: I would always like to be on the peak. It is not possible. Simply see the fact: it is not possible. It has never happened and it will never happen. It is simply impossible - not in the nature of things. Then what to do?

Enjoy the peak while it lasts and enjoy the valley when it comes. What is wrong with the valley? What is wrong with being low? It is a relaxation. A peak is an excitement, and nobody can exist continuously in an excitement."

I had lost faith in myself for a while and occasionally am still faulting. A few dear friends have held the space for me while I struggled. Thank you Beloveds! (See the photo above.)
If you lose your way please remember to reach out to someone you trust to hold the space for you as you move through the valley. I'm here for you too, even as I struggle. Sometimes I come together more supporting others. It helps me remember mySelf.

I pray that your days be full of love and joy with the valleys few. Remember to allow yourself rest in the valley when it comes. Do reach out and let me know how your life is going in this new year. I love to hear from you! Sending you much love and many sweet blessings!

Love Always,

Thursday, December 14, 2023

December 2023 Newsletter


Happy Holidays, Beloveds!

Rumi Don t hide from the thorns

"If you could get rid
of yourself just once,
the secret of secrets
would open to you.
The face of the unknown,
hidden beyond the universe,
would appear on the mirror
of your perception.”
~ Rumi

Rumi captured my heart years ago. His words remind me to be still and look within for what I'm searching for as I embrace whatever is in this moment. So grateful for Rumi and grateful for you in my life! I hope you're having a wonderful Holiday season full of love and delight.

I'm emersed in decorating the house for the season. Have I mentioned I was raised by Christmas elves? I'm happy to report that the work of carrying everything up from the basement and placing it around the house is easier this year after my weekly swims and workouts in the water. As I approach my 73rd Birthday it's a gift to have more strength! A gift I have finally given myself!

Below is the beginning of the process. I bought the tree yesterday, December12th, and put the lights and one decoration on tonight. This is the tallest and skinniest tree I've ever bought. I had to get the 6-foot ladder out to put the angel and lights on top. Likely will need it again as I decorate the top of the tree. I think I've learned my lesson! No more 8-foot trees!!!

Christmas 2023 Prep
All Love Brazil with Patrick

Upcoming Classes

This Saturday, December 16th, I'm offering an in-person All Love class at 7pm to 10pm here at my home in Pikesville. The fee is $40. I hope you can join me!

On Thursday, December 21st, I will offer the All Love Zoom class from 8pm to 10pm. The fee is $20. Email me if you would like the link.

January 2024 classes will be on Thursday, January 18th, for the All Love Zoom and Saturday, January 20th for the in-person All Love class. Same times and fees as above.

Would love to see you at one of these heart opening classes!

All Love Class in Person December 16 2023

In Closing

As we all go into this Holiday season, my heart is heavy amid my decorating distractions with the wars and violence in our world. I also have intimate friends and family facing illnesses and struggles. May we each find ways to serve those near and far that are facing these challenges. I believe in the power of prayer and right action. We can listen to our hearts to find out what we can do to bring more love, peace and healing into this troubled world. As we sit with our own sweet hearts in quiet, we can find the strength to be of service and open to the Goodness that lives in each of us.

In the midst of all the challenges, may we see not only the harsh realities, but also the tender loving sweetness that is a part of being human. I pray your Holiday fills with peace, love and joy!

Love You Always,

Sherry Tuegel

Thursday, November 9, 2023

November 2023 Newsletter


Happy November, Beloveds!

20231108 084123

I hope you all are enjoying these beautiful Fall days! The morning sun is beautiful coming in my front windows today. I've actually been up early recently to enjoy the morning light streaming in. So not my usual thing! Maybe I'll suddenly become a morning person. Unlikely but maybe. I do get more sunlight in if I get up early this time of year. That's a plus.

20231027 142130

I'm delighted to report that the ceiling damage in the basement is repaired along with the floor in the kitchen from my dishwasher leak. Yeah! Stan Hearn did a great job for a good price. I'll be starting up in-person classes again in December. I do love teaching here and am grateful to have this comfortable space. Curiously the Fall weather has had me thinking of selling. We shall see what the future holds. I do love to renovate houses. Maybe I got the bug during my repair project. In my first house I lived in one bedroom room while the rest of the house was in total chaos while I slowly renovated it. The only way to flush the toilet was to pour a bucket of water down it. Those were the days. But seriously, I'm not up for that level of challenge anymore!

Stripped Naked Cover 6

My book cover mockup

I'm delighted that my editor is making progress on my book. I'd love to have it on Amazon by early next year. We shall see. It still is odd not having that project as the daily center of my life. Last month I was squirrelly without it. Happily that has passed.

Here's another snippet from my book under the section titled Stumbling Forward:

"On a Mission

February was a time of integration back into my day-to-day life. I watched many of my old patterns of fear and desire for more of whatever (fill in the blank) re-emerge. As I have read over my many journals, I am both amused and frustrated at the cycles of bliss and doom that rolled through me. I did have better and better ways of dealing with those patterns but they still took me for a ride all too often. I had the delight in March 2008 of visiting with my teacher/friend Saryu Dalal. She told me she could see the transformation and joy in me. "You're not looking for someone to heal or fix you like before. You just are, take it or leave it! You are radiating joy!" she said. I wrote this after her quote in my journal:

The 10,000 idiots that I want to believe have left town or died, they are still here...just not in as much control...and some actually have left town or died.

Or so I hoped. I had just read 10,000 Idiots by Hafiz:

“It is always a danger
to aspirants on the Path
When they begin to believe and act
As if the ten thousand idiots
Who so long ruled and lived inside
Have all packed their bags
And skipped town

I continue to be humbled when again and again those idiots inside make themselves known to this day!"

And of course, I still am.

All Love Brazil with Patrick

Upcoming Classes

I hope you can join us this Thursday, November 16th for another All Love Zoom from 8pm to 10pm. Dive in and open your heart to feel the love that you are!
The fee is $20, and you can use Zelle via my phone number 410-598-1010 (shows my name as Sharon) or PayPal via Email me for the link.

There will be no All Love in-person class this month but I will have one December 16th. The December All Love Zoom will be on December 21st. It's usually the third Thursday of each month. Would love to see you and share our hearts energy online or in person!

Now is where Love breaths Rumi

In Closing

I always love to hear from you to find out how your life is going and/or hear any reaction to what I have shared with you. Do drop me an email and share about your sweet life.

I hold you in my heart sending you love, healing prayers and peace. May you and your loved ones be deeply blessed.

Love and Many Sweet Blessing,

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

After much silence I'm sharing my August, September and October 2023 Newsletters here. Hoping to share more soon. 💞

Happy August, Beloveds!

All Love Fairfax 2023

Hard to believe we are already halfway through August! I hope you've been enjoying your summer delights and vacations! No major vacations for me this year but I did get away for a 4-day class in Fairfax, Virigina with Patrick Zeigler, staying in Leesburg with the Sweidels. Thank you, Monica and Marty!

I'm still integrating the work I did in Patrick's All Love class. As always, it was humbling to watch the transformations and openings around me. I walked into the class with such a sense of ease and contentment. That got shaken up by the end of the morning of the third day. Patrick pushed me hard. I spent lunch in tears feeling my heart torn open. That opened a door for me and by the end of the day, I went into Samadhi. My mind went totally silent and still, the deepest waking silence I have ever experienced.

Here is the definition of Samadhi from "Perfect union of the individualized soul with infinite spirit. (1) A state of oneness; complete absorption. (2) Samadhi, which literally means “to direct together,” is the state in which the yogi perceives the identity of his soul as spirit. (3) It is an experience of divine ecstasy as well as of superconscious perception; the soul perceives the entire universe. (4) In other words, human consciousness becomes one with cosmic consciousness. (5) The soul realizes that it is much more than the conditioned body. (6) Christian saints have previously described this experience as “mystical marriage,” in which the soul merges into God and becomes one with Him. (7)"

There are a lot of words above for the wordless state I experienced. I've tasted moments of it before. On July 30th I stayed in that deep silence until my classmates and Patrick started dancing over me to bring me back. The class was ending for the day and they needed me to 'come back'.

I would best describe the experience as perfect emptiness. Now to move into it again and again until I can live there and be awake and functioning here at the same time! I was not the first or the last to experience this state in this class. Thank you, Patrick, for opening the way for me and many others!

Om Namah Shivah!

Coming Soon ... I Hope!

Having never published a book before, I may be exaggerating by saying it will be out soon. I'm in the editing phase and believe I've finally completed my memoir. I started writing it in 2010 and hope by the end of 2023 I'll have it self-published on Amazon. We shall see. The memoir concentrates mostly on my life between 2008 and 2015. The title, Stripped Naked and Other Songs of Love, came to me in New Zealand in 2008 on my All Love/Tantra Retreat with Patrick and Natalie Zeigler. Patrick wants me to make it clear, which I believe I have in the book and now here, that he is not teaching or offering Tantra. That was Natalie's gift. I'm considering adding a subtitle: Birth of a Sacred Intimate. We shall see. The first quote under the title at the very beginning of the book is from Osho:

“Before he can come to know himself, a man has to become naked; he has to drop all his clothes. We not only wear clothes on the outside, we also wear clothes on the inside, in the mind.” ~ Osho

I share intimate details of my life and healing journey as well as my Tantric practice; so this book will not be for everyone. In the introduction I say: "Throughout these pages I've shared many intimate sexual details. If you’re uncomfortable with explicit sexual content, much of this book is not for you. My sexual journey played a powerful role in my heart's evolution. I hope to encourage readers to let go of making sex wrong and use that powerful energy to propel you into ecstasy and the truth of your being. It's all part of the joy of being alive in this precious body!"

I've had several people ask me over the years, 'who is your audience?' I finally can answer that question. It's people who will love the book. Maybe you will love it, maybe not. You'll have to let me know. Having finally gotten to the editing stage I have a song from YouTube I want to share to celebrate the journey! Enjoy!

All Love Class in Person September 16 2023
All Love Brazil with Patrick

I hope you can join us this Thursday, August 17th for another All Love Zoom from 8pm to 10pm. Dive in and open your heart to feel the love that you are!
The fee is $20, and you can use Zelle via my phone number 410-598-1010 (shows my name as Sharon) or PayPal via Email me for the link.

There will be no All Love in-person class this month due to vacation schedules, but I will have one on September 16th. See above. The September All Love Zoom will be on September 14th. It's usually the third Thursday of each month. Hope to see soon!

RUMI rose petals

In Closing

I always love to hear from you to find out how your life is going and/or hear any reaction to what I have shared with you. Drop me an email if you have the time!

I hold you in my heart sending you love, healing prayers and peace. May you and your loved ones be deeply blessed.

Love and Many Sweet Blessing,


Happy September, Beloveds!

I know it still is Summer out, but I wanted to share a little of the coming Fall colors above! Fall Equinox is about eleven days away on Thursday the 21st. I hope you're enjoying the longer nights and occasional cooler weather as we head into Fall. I know am!

It has been an interesting time for me having finally finished the book and sent it to my editor. I'm adjusting to not having writing as the center of my day. Instead, I keep going over the book to see what I need to change, remove or reword. I may drive my editor crazy with my updates. Luckily, she hasn't started editing the book yet.

I enjoyed making a mockup of the book cover (sans the spine) on PowerPoint using Susan Singer's painting of me called "The Bliss of It All". Here's what I have so far. The block with the title needs to be changed using something softer. I'd love to have my book published on Amazon by the end of the year. We shall see. Let me know what you think of my cover mockup. I hope the description and cover art are enticing!

Stripped Naked Cover 6
All Love Brazil with Patrick

Upcoming Classes

Last month I sent out the wrong date for the in-person All Love class. It's the 23rd of September not the 16th. See below. I've settled on the third Thursdays of the month for the All Love Zooms. Join me online on Thursday, September 21st at 8pm to 10pm. Here is the link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 891 8411 0786
Passcode: 475930

The fee is $20 and you can pay me via Zelle using my phone number, 410-598-1010 (Preferred - name shows as Sharon Tuegel) or on PayPal via my email address: I'd love to know ahead of time if you plan to attend. Hope to see you online or here at Sturgis! These gatherings continue to delight and amaze me!

All Love Class in Person September 23 2023

In Closing

I hope your days are filled with love and joy as you embrace whatever challenges life brings. May you tenderly hold the part of you that sometimes suffers letting go of whatever must or needs to go. Each day I spend time remembering the eternal soul that I am. That gives me deep peace and connects me with love and a renewed strength to face the moments of my day.

I've felt a bit tired and challenged recently. I had two nights I dreamt of my brakes failing. I thought it was my anxiety over finally putting the book out, or that my brakes needed fixing, maybe both. I took the car to the mechanic, just in case, and the front brakes were completely gone. Glad I listened to my dreams!

I hear the 'energies' are improving out there. I feel lighter these last few days, happily. I hope you are feeling good too! As always, I love to hear from you and what is happening in your life! Sending you my love and many sweet blessings!

Love Always,



Happy October, Beloveds!

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Fall with its variable weather and the days getting shorter! (More on that shortly.) I'm excited to report that my editor will be starting on my book very soon! Yeah! Will let you know as things progress. Speaking of exciting, last week friends and I found a leak in my basement from my dishwasher. Thank you, Kathy and Loren, for helping me clean up the mess! I had to cancel my September in-person All Love gathering and will hopefully start up again in November (October All Love Zoom will still be on the third Thursday 8pm to 10pm).

I'm not sure when the basement work will be competed but hopefully by the end of this month. We shall see. My dehumidifier continues to be taking 2 gallons of water out of the room in less than 24 hours and has been doing so for over a week. Wow! Praying things will all go smoothly as the work gets going!

Basement photo from 9 25 2023
Acorn hat Buddha with squirrel

The darker days and cooler weather coupled with my house damage made me a little squirrely recently. Today's (10/2/23) sunny warmth was a welcome change, but I must confess that I feel like a failure when my mood drops down. Apparently, I am still fully human and full of ego reactions and needs. Who knew?!? Hah!

I'm longing for the feeling of complete contentment and ease I tasted recently in Patrick Zeigler's July class, along with the breakthrough into Samadhi. I keep saying I came here for the contrast, to quote Abraham-Hicks. When my contrast includes depression and fear, I begin to wonder about the ride I'm on. I start looking for an escape. My dear friend Kathy is studying Buddhism, and her example has me re-reading "When Things Fall Apart - Heart Advice for Difficult Times" by Pema Chodron. Chapter One is 'Intimacy with Fear.' Here is a quote from that chapter:

"It's not a terrible thing that we feel fear when faced with the unknown. It is part of being alive, something we all share. We react against the possibility of loneliness, of death, of not having anything to hold onto. Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth. - If we commit ourselves to staying right where we are, then our experience becomes very vivid. Things become very clear when there is nowhere to escape."

And yet I keep looking for escape. So very human and fallible, I am. As I have said before, Beloveds, I'm a continuing work in progress. Completing the book has been a mixture of delight and 'what do I do now?' The book was a constant companion and ongoing purpose for over 13 years. I'm working on embracing this shift of focus with curiosity and wonder, when I'm not running from the discomfort of it. Interestingly, sharing this with you has helped smooth my ruffled feathers. (Wink Wink)

I'd be curious to know how you are navigating the inevitable changes in your life. Drop me a note and let me know.

Rumi Invisible Joy

In Closing

Please contact me at this email,, if you'd like the link to my October 19th All Love Zoom class. Last month was a wonderful loving gathering! Thanks everyone who joined me! The fee is $20.

May your Fall be full of joy, visible and/or invisible, as each moment unfolds. Sending much Love and Many Blessings,